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Can anyone help me? where do the Omlet chickens come from?

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Hi everyone can anyone help me,


Can anyone tell us some background about our chickens?


1) Where do they come from/ live until they are delivered?



2) Is there a big farm where they all live before being rehomed?


Just interested where my girls started out their lives?




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The Omlet hens are Meadowsweet hybrids, with different names.


They are delivered in bulk to Omlet HQ and in the early days lived in Eglus and small sheds. They now live in purpose built holding sheds until they are delivered to new owners. They have all mod cons and are very happy, scratching about in the sun :D

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I am intrigued (and slightly obsessed!) with the 'family history' of our chickens :D


As far as I can discover, the Miss Pepperpot is a Rhode Island Red/Plymouth Rock/Maran cross.


However, all I can find out about the Gingernut Ranger is that it's another name for Meadowsweet Ranger. In turn, all I can find out about the Meadowsweet Ranger is that it's another Rhode Island Red cross. But what else is it crossed with - anyone know?!?



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Yep-I think it's a light Sussex too. :D


On the omlet website it describes the Gingernut Ranger as being a dark russet red colour with black tail feathers yet all the ones I have seen pics of are very light.

The Pepperpots are described as having iridescent beetle black feathers yet my two pepperpots look very different to eachother.

Bobbie has the black feathers yet Ria has mostly brown shades with a lighter browny head.

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I ordered a Gingernut and 2 Pepperpots. Babs GNR is a def Gingernut with the black tail feathers and is moulting at the mo :roll: Her feathers are coming through darker. Laverne is a def PP and Shirley is a PP with ginger breast and neck feathers! At least I can tell them apart!

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