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So who wants photos then? ;)

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You have such a beautiful garden, it puts my mud bath to shame!


The flowery eglu looks perfect, I'd better not let my chooks see the photos or they'll be wanting to come down!!!


When do you get your girls?

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lol. yeah i must admit that Si did all the hard work.. I just did the ordering about (and making tea)


It's a shame i have a broken knee, else i could have been as knee deep in mud like him *snigger*.




Isn't it strange how things pan out sometimes :)


was sitting her trying to find some veg to go with the chilli (veg delivery is not till tomorrow morning).. I look through the veg patch, but nothing is ready yet..


just then there is a knock on the door, and our neighbour hands over a carrier bag of runner beans.. asking if we want some as he has a glut from his veg patch....



we were chatting in the garden with him, and stood looking at the huge pile of dirt which has formed due to making space for the chicken run...


were were saying that we did not know what to do with it, and he said that our other neighbour was after top soil for his garden..


we popped over to our other neighbour, who said he would be delighted to have the top soil.. so that was great...


was chatting to the second neighbour about the damsons... and talking about the fact i burnt my damson jam.. and how we picked all the damsons so not going to have any jam this year.... then he turned around and said we could pick the fruit from his damson tree's as he never uses it anyway...





some days just everything goes wrong.. its nice when its the other way around for a change :)

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Well all the Qs I put in the 'tapping fingers thread' have been answered - and how. :D It looks great Kaz - really strange seeing it in a different place and who are the lovely guys in the photos? :oops:


With all the space in your garden, 3 hens should be fine - quite a few people have 3 hens living happily in their mark 1s. I'm sure they'll be posting to tell you to go for it and rescue a third hen :D:D:D

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oh thats great news. I bet it seems odd motherhen :)


I think we have set it up in the best spot.. the tree's really will protect it from the weather, and will ive it some shade from the sun also!


im hoping to hear back from the battery hen lady (she said she would call this weekend, but i did not hear from her *fingers crossed*)




more photo's as and when i take them :)

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