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Chickens need a new home - Market Harborough, Leics

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Is anyone able to help? I have been contacted by a lady who needs to rehome two Omlet chickens. She says...


"Pepperpot is friendly and likes a stroke and cuddle and has laid an egg every single day since we had her, gingernut is intelligent but a little shy and is very erratic with her egg laying and prone to soft shell eggs without extra supplements. We live in Market Harborough Leicestershire and would like an experienced home for them to go to. We would obviously let them go free to a new home."


If you can help, please contact the owner through me at barbara@omlet.co.uk


The owner is also wanting to sell her Eglu - Here

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Do you know, I've been thinking long and hard about this but as I've already got two non-egg laying hens I'm a bit reluctant to take on another one who isn't laying well. It's really difficult because I'd love to rehome them but I need hens that provide me with eggs regularly when only 1 out of 3 works. I need more hens for my Cube but LSH will only let me have a total of 6 hens - 4 of them need to be good layers.


If no one else comes forward though, I will try and twist LSH's arm :wink: .

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