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Chick Development (2)

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These are some of my 2nd batch of chicks at 2 weeks old. A Silver-laced Wyandotte, A Buff Orpington and a Welsummer. As I hatched Cream Legbars and Welbars the 1st time I could sex at hatch - this time its just 'wait and see', made even more difficult by the fact the Wyandottes have no combs at all but will develop pea combs much later on :roll: .






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How adorable - I am so tempted to try hatching some myself this year - its just the thought of having cockrells that puts me off - I am a softie and couldn't bear their fate.

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Thanks everyone, they grow up so quickly. My first lot are 6 1/2 weeks and some of them are going tomorrow (to live in Wanlockhead, the highest village in Scotland :shock: ). I'm lucky the boys are going, but I've become quite attached to them all, it'll be strange when they go.

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