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Senior Moments

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Youngsters please feel free to join in and poke fun at the rest of us - or is it just me :?


My daughter bought me a book of Senior Moments sayings (she loves me really!) and I thought I'd share the odd one or two during these miserable days.


Feel free to add your own..........


Today I like these two:


"Life is too short.......Break some rules!"




"Everything I can't find is in a totally secure place"



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Everthing I can't find is in a totally secure place"Lesley



Okay this has nothing to do with Senior Moments but Lesley said in another post that no one had put anything down ( I just couldn't think of anything!!) so I thought I would share with you something from my winnie the pooh's "little book of wisdom". This book says you can find a quote for every situation.


So to go with the lost things all being in a secure place, pooh say's...


Insight: It's best to know what you are looking for before you look for it.


Lesley give us another, we should have a new one each day! :lol:




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Thank you Sammi


The reason I haven't posted any more is because I realised that a lot of them really are only appreciated with age!!!! :lol:


Between my Senior Moments Quotes and your Pooh's Words of Wisdom perhaps we can interest most people 8)


I'm not telling my favourite as it doesn't even apply to me (yet!)


Todays is:-


"Ever stop to think and forget to start again?" hmmmmmm........



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Stop talking about him now if my husband catches me watching rooster man he will think I really have flipped he thinks I am already crazy enough, just one question to Lesley how did you find him..........?

I will turn the text blue so you can read it I bet you are on the PP forum.

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Slight detraction from topic here but something else to do on cold, windy, grey day.

Check out www.subservientchicken.com it's creepy :shock:



Now that really is creepy :!: But it didn't stop me from sending it on to someone else!!


Biscuit I like the little book of women's wit quote, brillant. :lol:


Lesley, I do that all the time! Usually stop a job in one room to do something else then walk back into the first room an hour later and think "oh thats what I was doing" :?


Right, pooh's words of wisdom:-


A little philosophy: Sometimes, the more you think the more there is no real answer.

I feel like that sometimes too!


Take it easy


-x- :wink:

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Creepy, I had him dance then asked him to cluck and I don't know if it's my sound card but all he did was go up to the camera and stare. i hope it is just some clever programme and he really doesn't just do that all day kind of sick really. Not for me :!::!::shock::shock:


Hey Louise,

I sent the link over to hubby's office at the bottom of our garden, to cheer him up as work for him today has be horrid, bless! And he sent me this back:-


I don't know if it is a live link or if someone has set up key moves based on commands you type in. This can be done. It is also highly visited and has a good rating. Very strange though.


So the chicken man may not be there doing his chicken thing all day :!::shock:



Sammi-x- :wink:

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Hubby thinks it's kinky - why else would the chicken be wearing suspenders?


Look closely - he's right :shock:


:lol::lol::lol::lol::lol: Brad(son - not Pitt) noticed that!


We think he's on a loop. He can't turn on the TV - I don't think he's got one!


Still feels like he's some nutter standing looking straight back at you though :shock:

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I think I am glad he is not actually there all the time and I had also noticed ( and wondered) about the suspenders. I think that is one of the things that is most disturbing about it I won't be going back but I can think of a few people to send the link onto - I have some very strange friends :!::!::oops:

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