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Laying turf tomorrow

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The only way to preserve your grass and have chickens is to get some of the plastic mesh that places like Homebase sell and cover your lovely new green stuff with it. They can still eat the grass as it grows, but they can't tunnel to Australia and destroy the roots :lol: !


This is the sort of stuff I mean: http://www.agriframes.co.uk/view_product.php?c_id=21&sc_id=130&p_id=489


I use it to cover the areas I've re-turfed or that are taking the biggest hammering :lol:

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Well, the turf is down :dance:


Every now and then Sam would escape onto the "new green stuff" and start feasting.


We gave the girls an offcut to keep them happy. Green grass looks lovely :shock::)


We have fenced it off with flourescent orange tape fencing (like the they use on roadworks :lol: ) and we intend to keep them off until its bedded in.


Any idea people how long or how much I have to water the turf?? :?

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