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Nicola O

I'm ready for them at last !!!

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Well, today I set up the new eglu next door to the existing one and the rescued ex- battery chooks are all booked and I collect them on 30th April. I'm really excited :dance:.


I spent the whole time telling the girls about their soon to be neighbours, and that they may look a bit odd (I'm expecting bald, 'oven ready' chickens) and that they may seem a bit shocked and stunned by their new open air surroundings and fancy des-res.


I hope the next door neighbours weren't listening or they may be booking my room in the funny farm as I type :lol:. I've got 10 days to work out how to post pictures so you can see them too, but I'm a techno dunce and find these things very confusing :?:wink: .



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Well I'm sure that they'll settle in just fine and well done on get along just fine


it's true that they'll be thrust into their new surroundings a la Eliza Doolittle but they'll be fine I'm sure


And as for the neighbours - I think ours have guessed that we're mad - so too the passers by along the public path out the back garden :lol:






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