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Hi I have been a member here for about a year now and was a bit worried to mention that I dont have an eglu! we have hens and 2 g/pigs.

I was quite pleased to read this tho!!!

does everyone have an eglu?

The forum is open to all eglu owners, prospective eglu owners and others who keep poultry or rabbits, who have registered through Omlet


there was no real reason to put this just felt like I wanted to!




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green green green green green green green green green




I THINK you meant to say.......



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Oh no the 'which colour' discussion has started again :roll::roll::roll:


Everyone is welcome here Emma.................you just have to mad................










.............about chooks :wink::D:D


well put it this wa I have a oven glove with hens on! (a funcky one lol)

I have 2 candle holders that are in a shape of hens one with grass at its bass and one that polka dotted! now Im trying to fine a kitchen roll holder that looks like a hen sitting on its butt ! the head then gose on to to stop the roll from falling off! am planning my next this to look for lol



plus the 5 hen in the garden! (i still want a cockrell lol) am not allowed one

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