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Golden Silkie

How Many And Chicks

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If you get 2 Omlet chickens they are hybrids and rarely go broody, so you may wait a long time. From your name I take it you like Silkies - they often go broody so might be an idea to get some of them. Then you would need to get hold of some fertilised eggs - or a cockerel :lol: .

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If you had 1 egg there is a small chance it won't hatch, or would be a boy. The broody won't lay eggs for weeks, and the chick for months.

Maybe you should get more chickens, eglus, or a cube :wink:

2 wasn't enough, we've reached capacity (according to OH) at 4.

I'm praying for one of my chickens to go broody, to sneak some chicks in.

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