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battery hen progress report

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All 3 are getting on great. Harriet follows me around everywhere, and keeps trying to jump on my lap. Babs keeps sitting next to me, but then does not know what to do.. betty is starting to grow her feathers back!


I have had 4 eggs so far, and I think they they have settled in well. they are so quiet!


The cats are getting along fine with the hens (which suprised me)



lol today they wanted to roost in the house with us!


This evening rather then roosting in the eglu as normal, all 3 hens walked into the kitchen, drank from the cats water bowl (at the same time).. the cats just stared!


They then cozied down on the floor and shut their eyes


(we had to pick them up and take them to the eglu).


how odd, very amusing

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Have you weighed it Kaz you could beat the record............. :lol:

What a great idea! Could we have a sticky somewhere for people to record the weight and size of their eggs? I've never thought about weighing them, but I'd love to know whether my two lay "average sized" or not...I think they are a little bit on the small size compared to what you get in the shops.

Come on, what is the record? Do we have any takers over 115g?


:oops: Sorry Kaz, got carried away there and hijacked your thread: Its so good to hear about your girls having fun and being chickens at last!!

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