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Weight Watchers Pro Points

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Is there a formula to work out how many daily points I'm allowed (or is that classified information!)?

SOOOOOOO want to lose weight, I've done it before and was actually thin for a while, but I'm definitely not thin now, just want to be. How come sometimes I can get into the "diet zone" but most of the time I can't?


I can do the calcs with the calculator if anyone wants- just pm me your age weight and height strictly in confidence of course

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I'm not managing to use all my points every day (though had missed out the changed status of skimmed milk, so maybe I have been after all) but lost in week 1 - WI is Monday here (bad mistake, as Sunday will be the least diet friendly day of the week pretty constantly).

Suspect i will do my 3 months at reduced rate then go solo - but we'll see.

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