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Sue and the Spice Girls

Just can't wait.....but I'll have to!

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I've always wanted to have some chickes since we lived in this house, with a 200' back garden, but have always thought it would be when we moved next etc . (We've only been here 15 years!) so imagine my suprise when my husband suggested, quite out of the blue, that I should have an eglu and 2 chickens for my birthday!


He thought it would be more fun if I ordered it and after some discussion its turned into a cube and 4 chickens! I can't wait til the end of May when, fingers crossed they arrive!


I was so excited the day I ordered it I hardly did any work! and one of my friends had an eglu comming in June as I've been 'going on' about chickens ever since!


I'm just soooooooo eggcited!

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Welcome from me too :D


What a lovely OH. Mine took a while to agree with me getting an Eglu and 3 hens. Now he keeps saying about how much it has cost! :x


He doesn't know that I'm planning on saving up for a second Eglu so that I can get some ex-battery hens and I don't think I should mention it for while, our first hens are not here yet and I want to show him how nice they are before I spring my next idea on him. LOL

Poor soul- all this parting with money is no good for his heart!! lol :shock:


Can't wait till Tuesday!! :D

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I originally wanted ex-battery hens but my Mum and OH suggested that considering we had never had hens before, we might want to start off with some healthy birds, that way the kids will be able to get used to them etc.


I went along with that and the plan is supposed to be that once these new hens get old and die, I will get some ex-batts. As naughty as I am :twisted: , I can't help wanting to look after some ex-batts and give them a loving home so thought that if I get them in about a year, a) we will be used to handling/looking after hens and b) If anything happened to the ex-batts we would still have our original hens so it wouldn't be so bad for the kids.


Not sure how my own little plan will go considering the fact that he keeps moaning cos I've just spent over £400 (Actually £470 with all my little 'extra' bits) hehehe :lol:

Plus I want to see how big the Eglu looks once it's in my garden, if I think I will be able to fit a 2nd one in I am going to find it hard to resist! (I'll save up slowly on the sly, then when I mention it and he starts ranting on about the cost I can say 'I've already got the money put away!') lol


Could I do that? 2 Eglu's with runs, one lot ex-batts and the other our originals then let them free range together when I'm out there and put them in their runs when I go in? Sounds good in theory but I wonder if it'd work?? I bet they'd all end up going into one run or something! lol :roll:

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Welome Sue and the Spice Girls,


4 chickens will be great fun. I'm very envious that your OH has ordered a cube.... Well done......


I am 3 weeks into chicken ownership, and drove my work mates mad talking chicken before they arrived and am even worse now.....

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