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Lovely when they all lay together isn't it? I love 4 egg days!


Am I right in thinking you have 5 hens in your eglu Bellekatz? I'd love to add another (with extra run space of course) but not sure if it would be too many in the eglu! :D How do yours get on?

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They are fine now - took a week or so before the pecking stopped, but by two weeks they were flocking together. I think it helped that they were young birds that I introduced and also that the eglu was put inside a large permanent run so it was more or less new for all of them. There still seems to be loads of room in the eglu at night as they all squash together at the back and round the nest box so maybe I still have room for more :wink: - only probably is that they are all queing to use the nest box during the day now and I've had two laying at once before now!!!! :oops:

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