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Nicola O

Evil Mavis is no longer.........

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Evil Mavis :evil: !!


She has now become just Mavis, a nice calm hen who gets on well with her two room mates :) . The bullying has stopped and took just over a week. Mavis must feel that she has finally got her message across - that she is top chook in the eglu, and now everyone is happy - including me :P.



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Are your chickens named after "willow the wisp"? I used to love that cartoon with evil edna and mavis cruet. :lol:


Now that brings back memories - I LOVED Willow the Wisp.


I used to sit and watch it with Dad as he loved evil edna, the TV set, and I liked mavis cruet and arthur the caterpillar. Kenneth Williams had the perfect voice for those characters.


My first three chooks are named after my nan, Enid, and her two surviving sisters, Edna and Agnes. Mildred, Mavis and Myrtle were three names that just popped in my head.


I wonder if Willow the Wisp is available in DVD, I would love to see it again.



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Same thing happened to me- Beelzebub was a total b***h for the first week or so (hence the name choice, she was supposed to be Scaramouche) then it all went belly up when she was ill/malingered for a couple of weeks. The other two started laying and stopped taking her seriously now they are all bessie friends.

Maybe I do need to change her name now :think:

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