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Comedy chickens..me & my shadow

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...our 2 girls, particularly MsPP Clucker, are hilarious now they have got used to us. As soon as we let them out in the garden with us, they follow us round and if we move away quickly they run/flap to keep up with us - it is like they are on a piece of elastic. My younger daughter (4) finds it hysterical and marches round the garden shouting 'quick, march' with them following her - it's her party trick when her friends come round. Anyone else got chucks with funny habits??

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Our 2 follow us around as well.

The more determined the walk, the more likely they are to follow - they don't want to miss out on anything.


I have trained them that a whistle means a treat (just in case I ever needto get them in quickly, fox,cat, dog, whatever) - that always gets them running to me wherever they are hidden in teh garden

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I wasn't expecting them to chase us so when I thought I heard a knock at the door and ran down the garden, I nearly had a heart attack hearing their wings going and seeing them running behind me! LOL :oops:


At the moment I am worrying so much about Liam accidentally treading on them though. He's only 2 and I am constantly saying- Liam, Rose is behind you, Liam- mind Ria, Liam-be carefull of Bobbie.

Liam is very good at finding all their poo's though-manages to step right in it every time!! :roll:

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