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Sign this...Battery hen farming petition

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That is kind of the way I feel too it has happened with every other area of welfare reform we have done in the uk because we don't stop cheap imports from countries where welfare standards are lower than our own :evil:


In the case of chicken usually from places like Thailand :shock:

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I'm glad you outlined the more complicated, hidden, but likely outcome, Rhapsody.

Well done Liz (Ubereglu) for raising this subject, & as said, it can be used to spread awareness amongst those who haven't thought about it before.


We'll just have to go for the Omlet philosophy, every garden should have an Eglu! Cubes will ensure enough eggs for those without gardens too.

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At BHWT you'll see we advocate the British Free Range Egg and that's what we work on behind the scenes, educating the consumer and working with manufacturers etc. The free range egg is actually the best seller in the supermarket and it really is the hidden egg that get's over looked. Lot's of exciting developments in the pipeline and you can be assured we'll be continuing the push for British Free Range Eggs and let's face it that's why BHWT is supported by egg producers.


Great to get this subject debated in such a positive way,



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Yes- I apologise if I have offended ubereglu in any way, and as i have repeatedly stated I agree wholeheartedly with the sentiment, unreservedly.


Don't worry Rhapsody, you haven't offended me at all. After all there's no point in living in a dream world-as not all dream's become realities.

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