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What the eglu's done for me

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Come on near the weekend so let's just natter




I think I've become a total tom boy. I stood in the garden the other day, wet, muddy, unshowered :oops::oops: covered in hen poop and Mikey said I looked pretty. Now I am guessing this is because this is now how I look most weekends.


I actually feel so much better mucky




Where's me posh frock


BBx :D

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Not only do I now spend over half my life covered in mud and chicken poo I have also been told by OH that I run like a chicken!!!! :shock::oops:

(He made this observation yesterday whilst watching me run up and down the garden with the girls)!! Nice eh?


I don't think that he is finding this chicken poo/mud thing very sexy as he keeps running a bath for me which he has never done in the past 7 years!! :roll:


I feel good though which is the main thing but I also think I'm getting a tad careless with my appearance as I left the house yesterday and realised that I had muddy chicken foot prints all over my black coat! Mmmm. :oops::D

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I was just remembering that Snowy, that and the line of baby snot on your trouser legs - friends could always tell how tall Rosie was by that line of bogies!


Jay, I once found a lovely chicken poo in the pocket of my 'chicken gilet' - I'd been carrying one of them under my arm and she'd secretly done one in my pocket :shock:

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:lol::lol: Oh yes I forgot about the snot line Clare! :roll:

My jeans are a permanent disgrace. For a start they are usually too long for me so the hems are always muddy and frayed (I can't be bothered to hem them so either leave them, roll them up or cut them off :oops: ) And if the children fall over (which boys often do) I always get them to wipe their muddy hands on Mummy's legs which gets them laughing instead of howling. They are always falling down (the jeans that is) and I don't posess a belt so usually have an old scarf knotted round my waist/hips.


What must I look like!! :shock::shock:


Luckily OH is blind as a bat without his glasses, and he can never find them. :lol:


Clare the chicken poo in the pocket makes me laugh everytime! :lol:

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there definately comes a certain 'carefreeness' with keeping chickens (I almost wrote children then!! Same difference I guess...) I don't even think twice about legging it up the garden in next to nothing, or in nothing but a dressing gown flapping about in the wind, (or trench coat in Lesley's case) whilst in full view of the neighbours with our new 4 foot fencing.


And I'll quite happily go out in clothing covered in hen foot prints or poo or dirt.....it just doesn't bother me anymore.


Same with Stefan. If the bottom half of my trousers doesn't have dried biscuits smeared up them, something isn't right.


Snowey - I'm exactly the same with too long trousers. The thing I hate the most is when you come indoors and take your shoes of you get cold wet ankles from soggy trouser bottoms! :lol:

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Nearly choked on my coffee when I read about the chicken poo in your pocket!! Oh the joys!!! :lol::lol:

As for baby sick and snot lines-I think I have just got to the point where I think they are 'normal' and give it another week or two and I'll probably think nothing of a chicken poo in my pocket! :D


I have spent the day walking about with a spat out chewit stuck on my bum before :oops: (And there was me thinking people were admiring my firm buttocks!!) :lol:

I've also found various things stuck in my hair but only after I have been out all day and come back home (normally a piece of a torn sticker or a small piece of a jelly tot)-so what's a bit of mud or chicken poo eh? :wink:

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What about sitting watching the television and smelling poop, checking your shoes and yep you've got a squashed chicken poop on your crocs. I've got a garden pair (green of course :wink: ) and sometimes can't be bothered to change into them so pop into the hen area (garden) with my 'best' :D crocs on. Always manage to get a popp on them even though I dodge them.



Oh in praise of crocs we can wash them, so is this the main reason we all love them



Oh and don't get me on to poop in your hair :shock::lol::lol::lol:


BBx :roll:

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Thank goodness I'm not the only one. The little girls next door couldn't comprehend what had moved in when we arrived. They are such girly girls (all princesses and fairies). Their mum is always so glamorous and pretty but I rarely wear make up, or comb my hair. I garden dressed in woodland camouflage and drive an old shogun. (In fact ,when she was four one of them remarked about our two 4x4s, "which is the boy car?")


And now CHICKENS!!! They the girls love to see them....at a distance!

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:lol: my trousers are always falling down too :roll: Rosie is captain modesty and is always pulling them up so my bum isn't hanging out! My friends and even my hsirdresser are all used now to me turning up with chicken poo trousers on. We held a charity footie match at work last month (I was organising it) and it was really hot. I sort of ran out of time to get there, so went in my denim cut-offs (it was a casual affair) and was fine until the MD pointed out that i had 'something grim' on the back of them. You can guess what it was :oops:
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So do I, but only in my sparkly jeans! :lol:


Just like Caitlin.... :lol::lol:


(who, incidentally screamed the shop down yesterday, when they didn't have a pair of pink crocs in her size, and only had navy! :roll: )

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