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Money Exchange

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The Post Office? - they usually hold Euros and last time I exchanged some, there was no commission, and you can exchange any notes you may have when you come back, for free as well.


It may have changed since I last went of course - no holidays now :wink:

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Its a bit of minefield - I typed this into our weekend news summary yesterday, which surprised me I have to say.


Financial Times mystery shopping exercise has found currency deals varying by up to 7% between different bureaux de change and banks in London. Bureau de change shops in Queensway, central London, gave the most US dollars for £200, taking into account commissions and charges as well as exchange rates. High street banks and bureaux de change at airports were generally the worst value.


Although some places offer 'commission free' deals the exchange rate can vary so much it is difficult to compare (and exchange rates can fluctuate daily)


Try this site?




Tesco looks like a good bet?

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Thanks all :D


We are off the Kos for 2 weeks on Saturday,so I need to get this sorted out as soon as poss,or risk having to exchange at the Airport :roll:


I couldn't get the link to work, Tina, but M&S seem a good deal - 1.4 on the Euro at the moment,with no comms & free return too :D

I will shop around a bit more first though - I hate the feeling of being short changed :?

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Tesco is 1.418, 0% commission and free delivery, with M&S at 1.406 and same deal. That is a good point about exchange on return - the site I looked at does not list that facility.


How much you will save depends on how much you are changing of course - for £500 the diff is about £6.


I have to admit I am inclined to take the view that I will go with whichever is most convenient for me. Even though I should shop around I get bored!

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When we go away we used a company called Travelex.


You can book your money online and pick it up at the airport. The great thing about it is that when you order your money you get the set exchange value at that time so even if it drops in a few days you still get the rate you bought it at. :D

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Looks like you wont see much of Paris then Bronze :roll::wink:


I always use the postoffice. I used my bank once :roll: because they do a service that delivers the money to you via special delivery, which would be great except that my post does not come until about 3 in the afternoon sometimes :evil: So I missed the postman because I got fed up of waiting :evil: The sorting office is miles away so I paid extra to have it sent to my local postoffice :roll: Anyway we never used all of the money and when I took it back to my bank they said that as some of the notes we large denominations they would have to be sent away to make sure they were not fake :shock::evil: But it was the b****y bank who gave them to me :twisted: I took the money to the postoffice who were very helpful.


Sorry guys, rant over :oops: I do feel better for that :anxious:

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