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HELP .....Doris has died....

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Alan went out to check on the chooks as usual...as Doris was lethargic all day yesterday and even had to pick her up to put her in the eglu.... anyway as being rather upset... we both would like to get another friend for Mabel so she does not get lonely.... our question is any breeders/farms in Leicestershire?

We know we have to take Doris to the vets.....just waiting for them to open this morning.


Sue and Alan

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So Sorry to hear about poor Doris, I don't know where you would be able to get a new friend for Mable - hope someone will post some helpful information for you soon. I have just called my vet as Ruby is not well - have appointment for this afternoon, fingers crossed. Hope all goes well for you.

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By law you are required if your chickens die then they have to be cremated as you cannot bury livestock in the ground....

we have just bee to collect a new hen to keep mabel company.... found a lovely lady that has some hybrids for sale she also runs a company called leicestershireemus.com which deals with emu oil products... anyway we bought a rhode island chicken from her and have called her Flo... Mabel is telling her who is boss at the mo... but we have decided to let her run around the garden

anyway thanks for all your kind words and advice!!

Sue & Alan

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:( So sorry to hear about Doris.


Sadly, we have 3 chickens (one called Doris) buried in our garden - absolutely no way I could throw them out with the rubbish. Stupid rule and completely unenforceable - who's going to know apart from all of you out there anyway? :wink:


I do worry about the new owners of our house digging the garden over in years to come though.

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