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Help please - struggling with Converter

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Everyone is so helpful, and I do hope it works out - if not I will happily refund your money in full.


It was a relief that the lady who bought my Orange Eglu fitted her run together and it all fitted perfectly - that's one worry out of the way. If it had gone to Wales with the wrong part of the run I would have been mortified, so you did the right thing by getting in touch Ollie, I would have done the same.

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I'm only going to cop an eyeful of that cat :wink:


If you see my tabby, you won't be disappointed, but he's rather shy. The Rex Cat on the other hand, whom "Ooops, word censored!"ody could accuse of being good-looking, will be all over you like a rash. It's not cute, it's not furry, but it doesn't know it! :roll:

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I feel physically sick - and so upset. Poor Olly has got the wrong piece - AuntyE when there to sort it tonight.


I don't know how it happened, and am mortified.


So somewhere is a large eglu run extension. How can you lose something that big? :roll:


We are going up the allotment early tomorrow morning to search.


The only logical thing we can think of is that someone may have taken it in its dismantled state when we left the run parts up there over the weekend last year when we brought the chickens back - as all I have left is the smallest part to the eglu run.


I even checked my bank statements in case I had gone totally doolally and only ordered the convertor - but no - large as life it appears on my statement.


I have apologised profusely to Ollie - and will of course be refunding her - and have learnt a very important lesson. (This is the very first time I have sold anything second hand - and I messed up big time).


So the moral of this tale is - check, check, and check again - and don't assume that because your partner put the bits in the shed - that they are the proper bits. They should have been - and he was not to know - it is entirely my won stupid fault.


Not only can I not locate a huge run extension - I also can't find a stone big enough to crawl under or a hole big enough to swallow me up. :oops:


I was hoping for a good night's sleep tonight - haven't slept since this whole fiasco started.


Sorry once again Ollie

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Dilly, PLEASE stop beating yourself over the head about this! I am just so relieved that I haven't totally lost it.


The person who never made a mistake never made anything. Among various worst things that I can recall is turning up a day too early for lunch at a very important client's offices! :oops: And I'm afraid I am a bit too quick to get into stroppy rows with shop assistants etc. and assert my rights, only to find out that I was wrong (often AFTER I've stormed off with my replacement item!!) :oops:


I can completely understand how this has happened, it sounds as if you've been the victim of theft from your allotment - sadly all too common. What anyone would do with a run extension, who didn't have an Eglu, is another question!


Every cloud has a silver lining, at least I know now that I haven't totally lost the ability to join two bits of plastic together, and I got to meet Aunty E, which was a real pleasure! :) She gave me lots of useful chicken advice, and I heard all about her Cube.


Thanks to everyone who has posted helpful advice and pictures on here, and special thanks to Aunty E who made the journey all the way out to my house after work. What would I do without the Omlet forum? (PS: Omlet have still not replied to my email asking for help!!)

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