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Responding to names (or rather NOT!)

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only one thing though and that's feathers. she'll only respond to that so that'll have to be her name.


This was posted in another area and has me confused.


Does anyone else have chickens that respond to their names ????!!!


Mine take no notice whatsoever of their names. The do come to 'chook chook' but only if they think theres food involved.

Similarly, a whistle gets them running as it a signal for a treat to get them back in the run.


But specific names ......



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Peri does seem to respond sometimes, but I think she has heard us use har name more. "Oh look at what Peri has done now", "No, Peri, No", "Oh, Peri....", "Any eggs today Peri? No I thought not.." "Out of there Peri" You have the idea... (I did wonder about her name, every Perry I taught was a right pickle.)

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I think that they will respond to anything that gets repeated and linked to FOOD. It can be 'chook chook' or wrappers rustling, a calling of 'Babs!' or even whistling - if they hear it often enough and relate it to getting a treat (like a few juicy grapes) - they do learn and they will respond to a specific name if you say it the same way. Try it - it would be great to try with a new chook and see if my theory is correct ... I shall try it (we are getting more soon) and let you all know... :wink:

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