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Big Brother.... Will you be watching??

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We've been away all week but accidently recorded the launch show, (it should have been Grand Designs). Anyway, we had a quick look at the house....how annoying. Why make the house just to antagonise people. Why can't Big Brother do something really unusual and try to foster a bit of respect and harmony? A comfy, cosy, old-fashioned house would be far more interesting, if people are that addicted to it then they'll watch when people aren't fighting surely.


Needless to say, i will not be watching any more of that pap!!

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If I remember rightly, they did have one house which was cosy and confy, and people complained?


I think there is talk of BB having run its course now - I hope so.


(only becasue I watch the first one so that i will know what my grown up children are talking about, and then get sucked in and have to keep watching throught the whole 14 weeks :evil: )

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I think it was series 3 Lesley and most if the housemates spent their time reading or sleeping and that was when people complained Lesley :?


Then I think in series 4 they started the mean BB tactics I may have the series numbers wrong as I stopped watching it about a week into series 2 :lol:

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BB3 was the series that the house was divided into rich and poor, and there was an outcry at the cruelness of it all - it was also the series that first brought us Jade Goody. So endemol toned it down significantly in series 4, and we had a fairly boring series with people sleeping all the time.




yes, I know - I know far too much about BB....

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