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Goodbye - a final posting

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I have decided to take Omlet up on their money back guarantee.


There are myriad of reasons, but I think that mainly Chickens are just not for us. It has not been any easy decision, but I feel happier & more relaxed now that it is made. I do feel that I have let the side down somewhat & it has been a really difficult few days for me ...lots of tears & soul searching.


We did not enter into this lightly - I would hate anyone to think that.

And we have grown so fond or our trio of chickens that I think it will be really hard when Omlet come to collect them. I really hope that they go as a trio to a good new home, where they are truly appreciated.

The lady at Omlet said that they will be kept by the Omlet staff.


I just wanted to post a final message saying a big thank you to all of you out there for your wonderful help, advice & encouragement over the last few weeks.This is by far the friendliest board I have ever been on & you have all been a joy.

I hope that you respect my decision & don’t mind if I pop into The Nesting Box from time to time.


Kate……………..thanks for helping me out so often when I made errors with the Gallery, & also for your sound & honest advice.

And all the other moderators too, you really should do this for a living!

James & the other Omlet guys, thanks for your fab customer service. You have been an absolute pleasure to deal with from start to finish, & I am happy to recommend The Eglu to anyone.


So, that’s it from me.


I will recommend the Eglu to anyone who I hear is thinking of keeping Chickens & I will advise them to come here & pick all your brains!


Happy Chickening in the future



& Family xxxxxxxxx

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Oh Sarah, sorry to hear this. We'll all miss you so don't feel that you have to give up the forum just because you're no longer an Eglu owner. Keep in touch with us, won't you.


You've made a very brave decision and I'm so sorry it hasn't worked out for you. You've got to come back and tell us how things go with the school so don't forget us, will you.


Good luck and bye for the moment.

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Thanks to all of you for your sweet messages. It has been lovely to know that you understand & respect my decision.

It was a decision made as much by circumstances as anything really, & has been a tough one to call.


Omlet arrived today ay 8.30, which was great as I was just leaving to take my daughter to School, so we didn't have to be here when they left.


I have just come home to an empty garden, & feel a bit blue, but I am still positive that the right choice was made.


I am hoping that the chickens can go on to bigger & better things (maybe visiting Schools as suggested in another thread?) & as they are a well established trio so I hope the whole experience itsn't too traumatic for them.

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I'm glad that they arrived at the perfect time to collect the Eglu and hens, Sarah. At least that made things easier for you all. I know that you've thought long and hard about the decision and have done what's right for you. Very brave indeed.


Don't stay away, will you! You don't have to be an Eglu owner to be part of this club!


Take care,

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Sorry to hear about that Sarah - you really had a hard decsision to make there, and I take my hat off to you for being so honest. Do keep in touch and let us know how you get on with Devon's school.


There was a thread here somewhere about someone debating whether to get an Eglu or a wooden coop, they might be interested in the Eglu and chooks, Kate might remember who it was and be able to let them know - perhaps they could call omlet and do a deal. Would be great to keep them together and 'in the family'


Keep in touch Sarah

TTFN, don't be a stranger

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Just to let you all know that I phoned Omlet today as I was feeling so rotten about the chickens, & I wanted to see what had happened to them & if they are OK.

Apparantly they have gone to live with the lovely James, which I am delighted about.

I know he will look after them well & I really could not hope for a better home for them.


I feel SO much happier knowing this :P

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I'm sorry you're missing your chickens. It was really caring of you to ring and find out how they are. How honoured they are to live with James :!: I hope you feel better now!

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