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Dustbathing Pics

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I know how much you all love piccies :D

Mine make me laugh so much when they are dustbathing:


Pom doesn't look too impressed at Fizz joining her in the bath!



But then Bella tries to get in on the act:



OK, I don't think this is working girls:



Not very often they put up with this kind of attention, but they are not getting out and letting Florrie in!



I do love'em :lol::lol:

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anyone else heard their chickens 'purring' while they are dustbathing? I couldn't believe it the first time I heard it, but it was definitely coming from the hens!


I love to see them dustbathing (and yes, Hazel, I put a tray in the run too and all they did was kick it out) - you know you've got happy hens then.

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LOL It looks as if they are entering a competition to see how many chickens can get into a dustbath at the same time.

Is that just compost in the tub?? I have a large planter and could use that now I have seen your facilities. :wink:


It's compost, soil, sand, diatom and red mite powder! 8)


Glad you all enjoyed the pics. They still make me laugh when I look at them. Silly hens! Worth their weight in gold. :lol:

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