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Guest chookiehen

Introducing....The Balamory Babes!

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We got our new girlies over the weekend!!


The gorgeous Eadie McCreadie (A 'Coral Nick' - just a gorgeous fluffy white girlie!), and Josie Jump (A rather shy Daisybelle)






Living happily together in the Balamory House....




And a picture of chookiehubbie, up the top of the mountainous back garden (he's camera shy :roll: )




And a gratuitous shot of the cats, snuggled up together... :lol::lol:



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They're big healthy looking girls Shona, hope you all enjoy them.....so thats what the Balamory house looks like - glad you posted a pic 'cos I'd always be wondering :roll: . (I'm very nosey!)





And I bet you didn't believe that it was blue.....


Will post a photo of the view from the front, once the clouds clear!

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If they go missing you know where to sart looking....... :twisted:




Do I need to start worrying that chookiehubbie is going to end up in your Cube??! :lol::lol::lol:

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