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Well that was a welcome surprise!!

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I've been a daily reader of this forum since February when I got my Green Eglu but it wasn't until 19 May that I got my two hens, Laverne & Shirley. Everything has been going fine so far.....although the girls have not been out of the run yet and have shown NO signs of laying.


....anyway got home tonight to find my first egg in the nesting box :D No idea which one has laid it though.


Has anyone else been taken by surprise with their first egg? I thought I would see them start to crouch when I approached them as a sign that they were going into lay?


Haven't been able to handle them yet...not plucked up the courage and they will probably need their wings clipping (scary!!). They are like vultures too when I come out with treats....they go beserk for sweetcorn and mealworms...literally fighting each other to get at treats. I tried putting a handful of corn in my palm to feed them....I thought their beaks were going to pierce my hand!!


Anyway..it's nice to be part of such a warm and friendly forum. Thanks too to Happymama who let me visit her Eglu back in February. If I've figured out the technology there will hopefully be a link to photos of my girls in my signature.

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How on earth do you keep the run looking so clean? We've only had our Eglu & chooks since Friday and it already looks like the trenches of WW1 in there. Of course, the rain over the weekend hasn't helped but I'm just realising just how much poop two chickens can make.



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Thanks for your warm welcome everyone. The egg weighs 40g.


As production (hopefully) becomes routine do they increase in size and weight? I think I will have it fried in my mini frying pan from the Omlet shop.

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Yes the eggs do get more uniform in size but every so often you might get an extra large one. Don't worry about picking them up to begin with. Just get used to feeding them by hand and stroking them. That way you all get used to each other so when you do feel confident enough to pick them up you will do it confidently and then they will feel happy and won't try to flutter away. Always make sure you hold their wings tight into their bodies so they don't flap and then you won't worry. Soon you will be doing it without a second thought. :D

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Thanks Jill.....I've started stroking them at night now when they are in the Eglu. I'm sure with a little bit of patience I'll get there in the end.


Have now had an egg every day since Tuesday. No 2 weighed 42g and todays weighed 43g. I suspect it is just the one hen laying at the moment but not sure whether it is Laverne or Shirley. Will be able to find out on Saturday morning when I'm not at work.....a bit of hen watching is planned :D

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