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How long to leave on

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Well the bumper bit has worked a treat, no more feather pulling. How long should I leave it on for? I have been bathing the beak area with warm salted water for the last couple of days as it looks a bit sore. Can a bit cause an infection if left in? There is no pus, but her beak looks bigger/swollen than before it was fitted. She's still running around and no problem with eating etc but I'm worried in case a problem is brewing.


Are they easy to get off?


Any advice gratefully received.

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Not sure about the bumper bits but I've had an anti peck ring on Prada since the beginning of May. Last week I decided to take it off as all signs of attempting to feather pull had gone and Gucci's new feathers were fluffing out nicely.


So - grab chicken, hold between knees, grab hold of sides of peck ring and pull outwards - easy peasy!


Within 10 minutes of me taking it off Prada was back to pulling feathers out of Gucci - I was NOT impressed :evil:

needless to say another ring is now fitted ( and Gucci ate one :shock: )


I would however be concerned if as in your case things were starting to look sore but dont really know what to suggest - maybe take it out and see what happens?? - but dont get your hopes up!!

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I am planning to leave the bumper bit on my hen indefinitely.


Are you supposed to take bumper bits off? She still tries (and fails) to pull the others' feathers, but if the bit was removed she would only start again. It is surely a preventative and not a cure?

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This is the 3rd bit Darla's had on in 3 weeks. I had decided to take it off, went out to the run but she'd got it off herself. Her beak was bloody and puffed up. I've been bathing her now with boiled water with a few drops of T Tree oil.


I'm hoping she's forgotten about the feather pulling, as her beak is sore and I don't really want to put another one on to aggrevate it. Fingers crossed!

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