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It's very easy to pull the lid closed by holding on to the bolts: I think this is what you are meant to do, and then you can line the bolts up properly to shoot them in. I don't feel any need for a handle myself.


But I do feel desperately the need for a human-sized entrance. Crawling inside to hang up feeders is beginning to get me down. I have jealous hens who don't like the others getting anything, and you can only hang up four feeders and two sets of water by getting inside.

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I don't think I'll be opening the roof that much for it to bother me.

So far I like the big deep nest boxes - the girls look nice and comfy while they're sitting :roll: .

I don't like the fact that a couple of the girls have jumped up and sat on top of the flat roof - its only a matter of time before they poo on it then I'll be :evil: .

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