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Gosh I need a drink!

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I have just been very brave and held the chickens while my husband trimmed their wings for me. :shock::shock: I was terrified he would hurt them or worse still that I would hold them too tightly and then strangle or crush them. We were only going to do one today and then one tomorrow but it went so well that we got all three done one after the other.

I know this will seem pretty stupid to experienced chicken keepers on here but I was terrified. lol :wink: Feeling very pleased with myself now. :D

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I totally understand how you feel. I haven't done ours since they arrived in September 2005. :oops::oops: I'm too nervous!


So really well done! :D:D

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oh oh


Where can i get an anti peck ring from? I'm quite desperate as one of our girls is being bullied.




ps well done on the wing clipping, It took 3 of us to do one of ours and then a friend came around who was experienced with chickens and made me look a real wuss! as he did the other two by himself and made it look so easy!

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