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growing back grass

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I'm really proud of my new mini lawn, although sad to create a blog of it growing.

We sectioned off part of the chicken area to grow back some grass.

We chose strong "utility" grass seed and now have some really nice lawn, although it has patches. It is Trinny's mision to escape into it and eat the grass but luckily it can withstand some munching now.


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The bald bits on my lawn where the Eglu's were have now got green bumfluff in patches.


I hope it grows to be like Chocchick's lawn. It's a bit pathetic at the mo.


I sowed (grammar??) the seeds about a month ago I think.


A cheeky blackbird keeps digging around even though I've strung cd's everywhere.


I knew the Gary Glitter Compilation would come in handy one day. :lol:


It has kept the pigeons away!

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The rain really helped. This time last month my grass was patches of fluff. We dug up all the ground and prepared it following all the instructions on the packet. Apparently Autumn is best for growing grass, and we were slightly late in growing when we did.

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