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Helly Welly

I've just won.....

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a pair of tickets to go to the British Grand Prix, courtesy of Renault!!!


We'll have to leave Abi with my parents who don't live too far away from Silverstone, she'll be annoyed she can't come but she'll be spoilt rotten all day anyway!


Can't believe i won, i've been a lifelong avid Formula One fan but have never been to an actual Grand Prix, i'm so excited!!


And yes Buffie, i promise to take my BHWT bag! :D

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Deffo get there mega early if basic entry as the best spots get grabbed really quickly :shock: You need to get a pitch and one of you stay with it at all times :roll: Remember it is just sitting on grass and as it is an old airfield the wind whips through although I got sunburned whe I went :lol: It may be worth taking extra layers and a couple of bin bags in case the ground is damp and don't forget your picnic :lol:


I was there at 9am and was too late and with young Lewis doing so well it will probably be a sell out this year :shock::lol: Yay McLaren :lol:


There is plenty to watch before the race they always have a red arrows display and there are warm up sessions in the morning and they always used to have a drivers parade in vintage cars so the time goes by really quickly 8)


That and the fact that Silverstone centre becames the busiest airport in the UK on race day so lots of helicopters to watch :wink:


So so envious :lol:

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Ooh, I remember it well - used to get taken to Silverstone when I was a child. I recall long queues, pitching up the caravan (must have been a campsite close-by 'cos we used to walk to the entrance from there) and it was always hot and sunny - and noisy :lol: . Hope you have a great time :D .

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Brilliant news, it will be great. Mikey tells me the cars sound amazing, you just can't get the same experience on TV. Get there early!!


I'm waiting for some exciting news about Silverstone. I've got all my bits crossed :D:wink:



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thanks for all the tips guys, we'll combine it with a weekend at my parents house so we'll be able to get there early.


We went to the Renault World Series event at Donington last summer so we already have an idea of what it will be like.


If anyone wants to go to the world series, log on to http://www.renaultsport.co.uk


Tickets are free and it makes for a good day out, lots of different cars and an F1 demo usually.

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Found out more about the tickets.


We have to pick them up at 5.30am from Finmere airfield which is nearby. We will be given breakfast and a look at some Renault cars. We will also be given a lunch bag.


We will be seated in the Renault stand which is on the Luffield corner, enabling us to see a good portion of the track, the entrance to the pits and the giant screen in front of us!


This is all according to winners from last year. I went on the Renault sport forum to find all this out, never again. Those that hadn't won were really bitter, moaning that those who had won probably weren't even Renault fans or that winners had just followed a link to the compettion from somewhere, Honestly, they were really horrible, if that had been my first experience of a forum i would never have gone on another one.


Nice to get back to you lovely lot :wink:

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