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Fowl Play.....ITV Monday 11 June

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It was very good in my opinion. It was about how two apparently organic chickens can have very different production methods. The supermarket organic chicken sampled had as bad a life as a battery hen (but was fed organically :roll: ). But when people buy organic they are expecting something that is much healthier and has had a better life. Not so! Shows how it really pays to know exactly where your food has come from and how it has been produced - labels count for very little. :?

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It also showed how much fat there is in chicken nowadays compared to 25years ago.


The nutrition boffin said that just "organic" wasn't healthy. It had to be organic and free range to have a healthier ratio of fat to protein.


The organic feeds are so rich nowadays that the chickens become obese on them unless they can run about and burn it off.


Obvious when you think about it!


It was a thought provoking programme.

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