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Black RockStar

Our new purple cube has just been delivered.........

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Am I the only person who has no trouble at all fitting the clips (in bare hands, with nails intact)? I think these poor clips are getting a bad press!


But putting the Cube together is a different kettle of fish. It would have been beyond me, which is why I didn't do it. (Ditto with working with aircraft.)


You will love your Cube, and so will your hens. I don't think anyone who has bought one has any regrets.


Could you let us all know if you get the new feeder and drinker supplied with your cube, please? Some of us are still desperately waiting for them, but don't like to nag Omlet in case they are still not available.

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OK. It's built! Looks great. Definately purple and not lilac. Supplied with standard glug & grub.


Took around an hour and a half to unpack and complete, with a 15 minute break for a MASSIVE thunderstorm! No real problems encountered with the building but a few areas I am going to contact Omlet on today.


1. One package had been dropped and severely bent the corner mesh (where the run clips to) on one of the bases with the wheels (The one on the door handle side) I have managed to straighten it with pliers and it's almost back to normal but I've taken a little plastic off the mesh in doing so.


2. Roosting bars badly split. Will be asking Omlet for another set.


3. One of the 4 long bolts to attach the ladder is missing.


Cube isn't in use yet. Need to alter the current Mk2 log roll base to accomodate the cube. Swap over will be on Saturday, although the girls have been wandering in and out of the new run this morning!


Overall really pleased. Great product and very practical.

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My roosting bars were broken too - 2 of the bars had come away from the frame and OH nailed it back together. I don't think the bars are packaged correctly and only held together with flimsy little staples.


Hello feemcg,


I was going to try that but the three thin pieces of wood that hold all the bars together are split.


However, I called Omlet HQ this morning and they are sending me a new set, along with the mising bolt and a complete new set of base legs!


Couldn't have been more helpful.

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The staples are not robust enough I find.


I've had to replace a few with screws as even a blast with a hosepipe has caused them to give way.


I seem to recall one clever Omleteer made their own roosting bars. I remember being terribly impressed. :lol:

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