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Paper briquettes

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Does anyone have any experience of making their own paper briquettes for burning?


I'm specifically interested in whether or not they would be suitable for barbequeing with and how much smoke is produced (thinking of putting them in a chimnea but don't want the neighbours complaining about the smoke).



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Yes. I've seen them advertised as a green alternative to wood or charcoal and apparently they burn up to 2 hours.


I think I'll order one of the presses for making them and find out for myself unless anyone is able to provide an answer. I'll be sure to let you know how I get on.




(I'm also looking at the plant pots that you make from newspapers - they look great too).

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I've made the paper plant pots they are very good, you can put your seeds them and when they are ready to go in the ground you can just pop them in.

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the cylindrical presses are hopeless


I'll second that.....a complete waste of time and money and very disappointing. :evil:


I'd be interested to hear about the pressed oblong ones too.


I got my parents a cylindrical log maker for Christmas. I had a mailing from British Gas that advertised their brick log maker for about £30 that I considered for them, but after making those logs they have to dry out, & my parents have no where to store them whilst drying. I think we got theirs from logmaker.co.uk, but I have just looked on the site & although they are doing 2 for the price of one the cost is £25 plus. I am sure we only paid about £18 including p&p for theirs. I didn't realise that they can make plant pots out of paper using this as well.

My parents are very happy with their log maker, anyway


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I've had an oblong brick maker - for quite some time we used to have newspapers permenantly soaking in a dustbin, and the bricks would be on the conservatory window sill drying. I have to say that it all got rather too much effort and we didn't find them brilliant to burn to be honest.


Now I shed my newspapers and either use them to bed the chickens on, or mix them with the lawn clippings in the compost.


I have used the little cylindrical seed pots this year - and then just put them straight into the ground. They seem fine, although they don't rot away as quickly as I thought they would, and the roots only seem to come through the bottom as they don't seem to be able to push through the side.


They also dry out really quickly before you put them in the ground (or bigger pot) I suppose because the paper wicks the water away pretty rapidly and then it evaporates

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