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Which Is Best

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:D Well, I use Diatom (abbrev.) preventatively & it's amazing.

If you rub it on dry to the end of the roosting bars and a bit here & there such as nestbox, you'll have very little redmite problem. Constant checking & apply more if they have started will really stop an infestation.


I don't really know much about the other powder. Maybe it's easier to apply to the hens if they have mites, & it msy be good preventatively, I don't know. I haven't needed any since I've had Diatom. :D


Don't worry if you spot a few & deal with it, but acting preventatively is the best option & infestations can be horrid. Thank goodness for Eglus which are not such good homes for mites. :D


Spice or drink? Either really, I like to mix the spice with their food as mine don't drink from one water source.

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I use Diatom on the roosting bars and mix it with red mite powder in the dust bath ( does smell devine :roll: )


I used poultry spice in the winter when I make the girls a warm porridge to go to bed with but at the moment occasionally put tonic in the water.


So the answer is - get one of everthing :lol::lol::lol:

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