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Guest Johannes

pumpkin carving competition

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Hello everyone, just a quick note to tell you all about the pumpkin carving competition we are running. We have already had a lot of scarily good entries in but still time to get carving as the competition closes on the 31st of October. Send pictures of your spooky pumpkin creations to johannes@omlet.co.uk and the winner will receive a £20 omlet gift voucher. Good Luck

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I've got 1 daughter & 3 pals on the job :roll: The spooky sleepover is on Friday night, with lots of treats, pizza, scary DVD's and so on- their end of the bargain is that they carve me a winner :? . I have my doubts, I think that by the time carving time comes they'll be so high on e numbers they won't be able to carve their own names :shock: , but we're going for it :D The pumpkin is ready for sacrifice, and the halloween tea-lights are burning.................so...............watch this space :wink:

Oh, and I've already stolen the scalpel- work won't miss one. I hope :roll:

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I got one of those kits from Tesco that has a scoop, a little saw thing and a prodder to transfer a stencil onto the pumpkin. The prodder was a bit rubbish though so I used pin instead. It takes a lot longer, but I can recommend it!


Has anyone else here heard of hallowe'en turnips or swedes? I hadn't seen a pumpkin in 'real life' until about 10 years ago and our lanterns were always turnips scooped out with an ice cream scoop (hard work!). No-one I know has ever heard of this though. Is it a Northern thing? Motherhen, did you have turnips?

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