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Hi sue,


I don't think there are any kennels for chickens open yet!


Could you ask a local farm if they would mind?


There is a STICKY called Chicken Sitting in the Eglu forum, where people have volunteered themselves to come and look after your choks whilst you are away. There might be someone who is near you?


Here's the link Chicken Sitting

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I'm always surprised how quickly I get replies on here! :P


I am reluctant to move the eglu and run from the garden, it all seems a bit of an upheaval, for us and the chooks.


Do you think they will be fine if the neighbour popped round and let them out for an hour or two a day? I am sure that will be ok, its not like we sit at the window making sure they are ok all day when we are home.


Thanx for the "PMs" :lol:

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I took my 2 to my sisters last year for 2 weeks. It was a bit of an effort for us dismantling and re-setting up, but my chickens didnt notice any upheaval at at, they settled really well. I wrote a big list for my sister of DO'S and DONTS, and they happily wrecked her lawn for two weeks :shock::lol::lol:

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My girls have just survived a week's holiday at my in-laws. The eglu and run came apart in about 20 minutes and they all fitted in the back of the car with the seats down (Peugeot 307).

The journey was about 40 minutes and after a couple of minutes of complaining they settled down and were fine. One even laid an egg within about an hour of arriving and my mother in law went on to have our first two egg day and then two every day until we picked them up.

They are back home now, still laying 2 eggs a day (though we did have one walnut sized one with no yolk) and none the worse for wear.


I think they had a great time. She wasn't going to let them out at all, but their negotiation skills were obviously better than hers and they were out roaming the garden most days, exploring all the borders. Her garden is much bigger than ours, so there was lots of exploring to do :D


Are you sure your son wouldn't be able to look after them; even with some bribery? He could keep them in the run and just need to check the food and water.



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I found my chicken sitter, a neighbours daughter just round the corner from me. I had her come round a few times & help me before i went on holiday, just so she knew exactly what to do. I also let her read my book - keeping pet chickens, which features the eglu & is a basic step by step book on keeping chickens. I pay her & she loves it as she is just getting into clothes & makeup ( she's 12 ). She is excellent and wants chickens herself now. I knew she'd be good as she has a dog that she walks religiously without fail & 2 guinea pigs. I also gave her a key to our caravan, so she could have a drink and biscuits whilst waiting for my chucks to all go in the eglu at night ( it can sometimes take a few attempts ).

She is just brilliant!

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