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Batty Bantam

Friendly Chickens?

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Hello! I am wondering what sort of hens to go for. What I really fancy is a Welsummer and an Orpington, and maybe a Light Sussex. Does anybody know if they are compatible with each other? I read somewhere that Orpingtons can be bullied if kept in a mixed flock, is this true?


And would they be better in an Eglu or a cube? I havn't taken the plunge yet as I'm still trying to persuade the other half! Also, I have three young children. Would my preferred hens be able to cope with the noise and attention?


Sorry for all the questions! :D

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Hello! I would go for sussex, they are placid and friendly, and mine enjoys attention (she thinks she is IT as far as chickens go!)


As for cube or eglu, I would go for an eglu if you are getting upto 3 chooks (large ones) and anything over, go for a cube!

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on my (limited) experience, I would recommend Bluebelles. v. confident, and Tara the 1st to lay has laid every day since last weds, and Paris is about to start I think. my silver sussexes seem way behind in terms of maturity (they are all now about 22 wks I think).

none of mine is particularly friendly, but they are not phased by kids playing, bike riding etc close by, or even by the lawn mower.

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Well I've been measuring up and found a spot in the garden that's big enough for a cube and can't be seen by the neighbours! My children make so much noise the neighbours won't be able to hear any chickens either!! :lol:


Still stuck on the idea of a Buff Orpington, a Welsummer and maybe a Light Sussex as all are available from a local poultry place just up the road.


Better start saving then . . . ! :roll::D

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I've got a couple of Orpingtons and a couple of Sussex reserved - hopefully will be at the age I want them (point of lay) by the end of July/August. I've had the Eglu for 3 years, with two hens. Now one has gone, I've decided to have more and have ordered a Cube.


I don't think I would have gone for more than two in the first place, so would have gone for the Eglu even if a Cube had been available. I know people will say that if you get three you will want more fairly soon - and that's probably correct.


However you have to think that the people that contribute to this forum are the people for whom that has happened - they've really taken to chicken keeping. Its always possible that there are people who haven't - but you won't hear from them as they won't be on the forum.


So ... I would go for a Cube if you can afford it, as it gives you the ability to expand if you want to. However, an Eglu will do you if you want to play safe and find out if you like keeping chickens first. You could always sell the Eglu later if you didn't take to keeping hens - or do what I'm doing which is keep the Eglu as a second hen house; it gives me the option to isolate hens if I need to (if they are sick or bullied).


I don't know if that helps at all!

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I will leave the debate about Eglu v Cube to the experts as we have an Eglu. The only comment I would make on it is that we have 4 chickens in an Eglu but they have a 30' run so they are not cramped. I have checked them whilst they are roosting in the Eglu and they are not squashed for space at all.


Our 4 are 2 Gingernuts, 1 Black Rock and 1 White Lady.


The Gingernuts and Black Rock were tame within 3 days and love attention. The White Lady is flighty and skittish, not sutable for children.


Our next door neighbour fired up an unsilenced outboard motor last week and they all ran and hid in the Eglu for 5 minutes. He did it again today and they barely stopped their scratching.

The cat nearly had kittens - and it's a male! :lol:

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it is true about wanting more. i have had my eglu about three weeks now and i want more hens and am looking for another eglu, my garden will be full of them by the winter (i have an eglu and rablu at the moment)

i really like the look of the norfolk grey which are quite rare but the breader i got my cream legbar from has some and i am really tempted to get three if i can find a secondhand eglu near me.

my cream legbar are really calm and are not really that fussed about my toddlers playing around them (only when my little boy threw a pright pink bucket at the run)

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