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poorly daughter

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well, having had a lovely day, eldest gone for sleepover with Nanny, next doors 7 yr old came to play all day, no arguments, it was really nice, had take-away, made birthday cake for OH's friend (in shape of guitar!) was just about to toddle off to bed when middle daughter comes down with a temperature of 39 - whatever that is in real money. Hot in any case. :( So that's us, sitting waiting for her temperature to come down, poor little thing looks like a lobster, is being very good, but I'm way past ready for bed. And, on a selfish note, it probably puts pay to my night out tomorrow as they were all going for a sleep over with Nanny so we could go to a party.

I hate it when they're ill, it's only a temperature but I always worry, even with three of them.


Mrs Bertie

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How's daughter this morning Mrs Bertie? I hope all is better and I hope you make your party tonight too. You need nights out every so often to break up the routine of daily life and it does you good.


We've had some terrible nights recently with our son - he's 13 months. Yesterday was just the worst. He cried all day, and by 5pm I was getting really worried. there were no obvious signs of injury or pain and no temperature. He wouldn't eat or drink and screamed when we offered him anything. He's been crying all night, and I can only put it down to teething now.


Makes me feel pretty useless when I can't do anything, or don't really know what's wrong?

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teething... oh god, I remember that. I used to keep hard toys in the fridge, and the cold would help (a friend used to give her teethers carrots to chew on - not a good idea!) Calgel always used to work too. and both of mine got hideous nappy rash when teething. nothing worse than a grisly baby!

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