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Chickens - does 'class' matter?!!

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my 2 Bluebelles (hybrids I gather) are pretty much what you could call yobettes - always the first for food, quite loud, much more inclined to have a quick peck at anyone or thing in their way...


my 2 Silver Sussexes are much more languid, let the Bluebelles walk all over them, have quiet polite voices...


anyone else got hybrid/pure breed observations?!

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Yes, I think you're right. We believe Daphne to be a pure breed (although we are a little unsure what!), anyway she is very graceful and ladylike, and a little neurotic!! Whereas Phoebe is a real rough and tumble tomboy, with no manners! She is also very easy going. I think there is a class difference.

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All my ex-battery babies have such different personalities! :lol:


Spangle is a quiet girl who 'wants to be alone' :roll:

Spog is good as top chook - firm but fair :D

Flump is a really punky chicken and always in the thick of it 8)

Rhubarb is a gentle little chook who is very friendly

Custard has settled into the pack and just gets on with life

Sherbet is happier now than when she first arrived and loves running for treats :D

Shrimp is a fun loving chicken who is now fluffing up nicely! :wink::lol:

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Well my previous two were completly different - Ruby also had an ASBO, very agressive and constantly frantic. Wheras Lola, had various special needs! She had a bad leg, heart and eyesight problems, yet she was the sweetest hen, so friendly and would often cuddle up and fall asleep in my arms. She had a little plastic crate to sit on in the run, because of her bad leg. Apart from her pelletts she could only manage really sloppy food, and would frequently fall asleep in the run and forget to go to bed at night! We miss her a lot. Omlet offered to replace her after we realised she had problems, but we're so glad we didn't. The strange thing is Ruby hated everyone and everything, yet was really kind and protective of Lola.

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My chickens hybrid/otherwise have all been different. My Welsummer is quiet and gets picked on a lot even after 6 months, so maybe more highly strung. I've heard things about other Welsummers. My RIR is the World's noisiest chicken and pulls feathers and is our ASBO chicken, hoping it is just my one not the breed. :?


My friend's battery chickens were more docile and easy to pik up than mine.

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