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Twickenham chickens


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i've bitten the bullet and posted an image of myself in the gallery. Very carefully selected, i'm not normally so much of a poser. Taken a couple of years ago at the tender age of 22.


Been meaning to post some images for ages, chickens are pretty camera shy thou, out of the 20 or so i took about 15 were of thier bums!



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Well, took me a while to even work out how to find out where most recent pics would be in gallery but I've got the hang of it now!

As for posting an album, that will of course be something I'll wait quite a long time to do.....obviously could take several months to work out how to do it and then, a pic of me?....have to be a brown paper bag.

Or would it fool anyone if I put 17 year old daughter & pretended it was me? Yes, brilliant, except I've told you now. Oh well.

Meanwhile, have enjoyed seeing all your hens, everyone. And also eglu sites...esp. Eglu Towers, Wow, Lesley! :)


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Don't worry Sheila - if it all went horribly wrong in the gallery, James can do great magic tricks and make it all disappear! Unfortunately Lesley, Jane and I don't have super powers in the gallery so we can't help much apart from talking you through how to post photos. It's really easy and much better if you register yourself in the gallery first - you have more options then. Let us know if you want to try posting a photo and if you have any problems, there are loads of helpful people who've already done it to guide you along the way.


Looking forward to seeing your girls - someday :D !

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Mm I think your right sheila, there may be trouble ahead. :?


Although, even I have got into this short posting thing now and I must say it's quite good and so far no one has noticed.... dame I may have just blown that one. :evil:


Come on ladies, remember whoever gets there first there are no losers, it's the taking part. Just think of all the fun you have had in posting.



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So Lesley and Kate are both on 942 as I write this.

I think that getting to 1000 is easily the equivalent of a 'hole in one' in golf. I remember that when my Dad did that, he had to buy everyone a drink at the clubhouse. :lol::lol:

I'll have a red wine please - Merlot if poss :D:D:D


Just had the really evil thought that as a moderator I could get off my lazy backside and do something - like deleting some of Lesley and Kate's posts? :twisted:


On second thoughts, I'll stick with the drink. :roll:

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