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Foxed - now there are two :(

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I can't believe it - the girls were out in their netting and a fox came and took Mavis. We had been really good and were staying in the kitchen when they were out of the run, but I got home really late today and just wanted to relax on the sofa. I completely lost track of time as they are normally in their run a lot earlier than this. We heard squwarking and I ran out to see mavis in the foxes mouth. It had lunged at the nettign and she must have been just inside it. She wasn't flapping so I can only hope it was quick. It ran of with it out of the hole my cat uses to get in and out of the garden. This is now blocked off. Doris had flown out of the netting and was by the house and Frankie was making a racket in the run. We brought them in and gave them some corn. They seemed to calm down a lot so we have put them back to bed and they are both eating and drinking and calm.


I feel like such a horrid person for not keeping a closer eye on them when they are out...and also for being glad that it wasn't the other two. Mavis was the timid skitty one which is probably how she was caught.


I will invest in a foxwatch soon but I have no money this month. :(


We now don't know what to do, whether to keep it as just the two of them or get another to replace Mavis. We have had them just over two weeks and they are about 17 - 18 weeks old.



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Poor you - what a shock! Sorry about Mavis :(

If you are thinking of getting another, I think now would be the time to do it, while they are still young. If you add a younger one when the other two are older, it could be more difficult - they do get bigger and bossier! :?

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I am sorry to hear what has happened. At least you have two left, and you don't have to rush into making any decisions.


But I wouldn't leave the hens out in the net run unless you are out in the garden. The fox will be out there watching all the time, hoping that you might need to nip in for the loo.


I would get another two hens and a couple of extensions. You may not feel happy about letting your hens out on their own now, so this would give them more room.


The Omlet netting only keeps the hens in (sort of), not the foxes out. I hope other people are taking note. Every time anyone mentions allowing their hens to free-range in the garden, or leaving the Eglu door open all night, I shudder: those who have paid the penalty know why, and sadly we are a growing club.

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Sorry to hear about Mavis. I had some ducks taken when I was a teenager, but it's not something you forget.


Could I ask lovemychooks what precautions you took to protect your chicks. Mine hatched 2 days ago and are still in the Eglu at the moment and obviously havn't been out yet.

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Hi chocolatefudge, our neighbour hatched our chicks because some are for him and some for us and we only got them a month or so ago so I didn't play a part in raising them from chicks.


I do know that he put them in an enclosed run and made sure they were in the house every night and I started letting them out a few weeks ago (they are 4 months old now) but i'm always in the garden with them if they are out. Someone might be along soon with more advice.

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