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concerned or nosey?

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Has anyone else found that there is constant procession of chickens up and down the ladder when one is in there sitting on the nest? I'm not sure if they're concerned or nosey. I can imagine them going up, sticking their head in and going "You alright luv?" then in goes the next one, same question, then another then another until the poor bird says "Do you mind! I'm trying to lay an egg!!" Ours do it constantly until the bird is out, then they all go in to have a look at the egg. Once we've collected it the poor chook that laid it comes out as if to say "I'm sure I did something there, now where's it gone?" :shock::lol:


Mrs Bertie

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We don't have an eglu and let our hens free range with a slightly different setup so we have a few nesting boxes with quite a few hens.


We "currently" have 7 hens and 7 chicks with 1 cockerel And we also have 24 hatching eggs under a broody! :shock:


Our "flock" are all different colours, shapes, sizes and breeds! :oops:


But our hens stretch their necks and make noise when other birds are laying in the nest boxes!


We think that they are either trying to give encouragement because they are next in line! Or possibly trying to take ownership of a nest and telling the current occupier to vacate! :shock:

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Thanks Egluntine...


I have been "lurking" on the forum for quite some time with the trial account, wondering how to actually make a post! :lol:


When I tried registering I didn't get the activation e-mail to join...


But now I'm here! :D



I think I'm just someone who can't make a decision on a particular breed because I like them all in their own way! :roll:

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When I tried registering I didn't get the activation e-mail to join


Oh dear :( . You're not the only one, I'm afraid. Sometimes these e-mails go astray and we don't know why it happens to some people and not others. If it happens to anyone else reading this thread, e-mail barbara@omlet.co.uk and she'll activate your username for you :D .


KrOOzin, I'm glad you are now active though and sorry that you had problems initially.

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Laying is quite an event in our garden too. While one sits on the nest, the others stand around outside looking bored; having a doze or a preen and waiting for her to finish. Beryl and Bertha like to go it together and are happy to snuggle up side by side in the nest box (not easy - you want to see the size of them! :shock: )


It's all very pally and 'us girls together'. :lol:

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If mine want to lay they will lurk outside an occupied nest, or occasionally (Abbie) try and burrow around the chicken into any remaining nest.

If not they won't pay it any attention.

When we first got Megan and Abbie, Trinny waited patiently outside for the nest without realising the lttle ones were just hiding. :lol:

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