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We (well Hubby) have just fashioned some netting across the bottom of the garden using Wilkinson's green plastic netting & some giant garden canes. It's holding up fine at the moment as a tempory measure to keep the girls contained. I would really like to upgrade to a cube, but feel that on my days when I am not working I would have my girls free-ranging down the bottom of the garden, like they are now. I used to give them free run, but have got fed up of the mess on the patio & them coming into the house :roll: , so this is the best thing for them- they are not shut in the run all day, yet they have a good space in which to wander. So.... if we make a sturdier barrier out of chicken wire & wooden posts then maybe I can get a cube without the run for £425 instead of £595? Only thing is, I have just put a dummy order through on the shop, & it reads that my Cube would come with the feeders, shade etc even though I have not ordered a run. It also says it will come with a run!!!!!

Does any one know what I would get if I only order a Cube- I suspect that it would only be the Cube itself & there is an error on the ordering site.


If I keep my Eglu but still let my girls free range all day with their new fencing-to-be, then would 4 hens be unreasonable to keep then? I know Omlet suggest no more than 3 big hens per Eglu, but my girls would have lots of room during the day to themselves, it would only be at night-time that I would close them in the run (but leave the Eglu door open).

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I just had a look at the ordering system and it does say you get the feeders, egg boxes etc but it does say Cube-No Run on the order page.You have to click on the Add to basket button to get the final details, the previous page does say that a run will be included but thats a wee mistake.

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I ordered my cube without a run and expected to get the feeders (as I had done previously with an eglu without a run), but they also sent a run cover and bag of clips which I don't need.

I posted the run cover to someone on this forum who has a cube run + extension - now they have a run cover for both parts :D .

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