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Mel (& Paul)


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*sticks fingers in ears* 'La la la la lallaa'


I'm a bit sad and vote with my finger on the off button - i hardly watch any TV these days, just record what I want to watch and then see it while i am ironing.. I probbaly miss some good stuff, but I have too much to do - there's the forum for a start! Besides if I sit still, i fall asleep :roll:

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my thought exactly mel.


we have just decided (me and OH) to ditch sky, which is costing us £20 a month for the basic, no frills package. we dont watch sky one anymore as its rubbish mostly and the stuff i want to watch in on terestrial anyway.


gonna save us money in the long run, you can buy a freeveiw box (which we are gonna do) from argos for £30

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I keep on saying we are going to drop the movies - but keep on forgetting :roll: What makes me really cross is if you have the sports package you STILL have to pay for extra sporting events (doesnt affect us as we are not footie fans) but I think its disgusting that you are already paying so much only have to pay again :twisted: I think once the evenings get lighter and warmer we'll watch less and less tv and more and more chicken antics :D

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