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Derek, Daisy and Millie...one week on

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I just love your Millie. She has such a cute face that always looks as if she is smiling :D She can't be that big as she only looks a bit bigger than your miniature appleyards. Is it my eyes or will she grow more? Do the ducks cuddle up at night and does she make much mess? I keep wondering if I could squeeze one into my wee house (eglu sized) with my call ducks. She'd also need to FR with the chickens in the day.

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Thanks Catherine :D She's a petite girl for a Muscovy but still quite a bit bigger than Derek and Daisy...I'm not sure that a Muscovy would be comfortable in your cute little duck house? :? Ducks don't snuggle up like hens; when I check the !goyellow! in the morning, I can see where each of them has been laying...as far apart as possible in a triangle shape :wink:

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