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The've arrived and are absolutely lovely. They seem to be as happy as Larry (who ever he is ) and have settled in really well. Only the Bovan Nera had a funny 5 minutes when trying to exit the cube down the ladder the others managed fine. We haven't gone UP yet of course but I have every confidence that they are a clever bunch but we'll see.


A very happy bunny with a smile from ear to ear. :D




Green Cube + Bluebelle, Sussex Star, White Star, Speckledy,

Bovan Nera, and Amber (but not very) Star. No names yet.

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The flock were serious not impressed with the new abode today.

We had a flooded garden - on sand, at the top of a hill and NEVER gets waterlogged. I have now rigged up a better rain cover from translucent carpet protector and bungies. The little spikes on the under side stop it moving around so I don't need to make holes in it, just bungie over the top. A variation of the shower curtain theme!


They are now better impressed but some have decided to call it a day and are going to bed.


Jude at Costwold Chickens wants piccies too so I will take some tomorrow - if the sun shines!!! :lol:


How come some people can put an egcube on their postings?



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Just been typing up my website for tomorrow - they needed a little help from me - but would they go back in tonight :roll::roll:


Six fast and tiny bantams giving me the runaround in the pouring rain :roll::roll:


I got soaked to the skin - but they are adorable.



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I got the cube in my postings after a lot of begging and playing about. If I remember right you have to find someone who has got the cube in their signature the same colour as you are having, right click on it, go into properties...copy the http// (cntrl c) go into your profile on the forum - then paste it into it into your signature

(cntrl V ) then submit / save profile.


Check n one of your previous postings or post a new one & it should be there. Hope it works!!!!!!



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I've just had the dick emery type chase round the cube to try to catch my two teenagers. they were standing shifting from foot to foot at the bottom of the ladder. So I've at last put them into the Cube - we'll see if they manage to get down tomorrow.


Are you sure they manage it eventually? :?:

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