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The Dogmother

Crocs in the news again!

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ROFL..I wonder what the logo on Bush's socks says??

Any Ideas??

How about I'm an old Croc fan.

If it were a choice between walking like a duck which seems to be the case with [is that Jack Nicholson]? or the bedsock look I think I prefer the Duck waddle.


Socks probably say 'If found return to the Whitehouse' :lol::lol::lol::lol::lol:


I saw this actually and Mikey is taking it to work to show a chap who thinks men in crocs is the ultimate. I'm still not sure :?:lol:



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I think the logo on Bush's socks in the President's Seal. Which is sadder him wearing socks with that on or me knowing that's what it is :shock:



Then again maybe they are a reminder for him - forgot who you are!! just look down and there it is printed on your socks :lol:

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One probably says 'LEFT' and the other 'RIGHT'


'A bear of little brain' - sorry to Pooh for comparing President Bush with him.


BTW, my purple mary janes arrived this morning, found them when I got back at lunchtime. Wore them all lunch and then reluctantly changed back into my work shoes ....

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I don;t think we should let Jonnie see this post though Claret. Otherwise he'll come up with more excuses of not wanting to wear them.


BTW did you hear him talking about Jibbitz, and how he didn't see the point of them...but then thought his socks needed some at the Dorste Do, it still makes me laugh now. :lol:

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