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Where do chickens go when it rains?

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We had an unexpected crazy rain storm yesterday. . .and the girls were frozen under a bush. I picked them up and they didn't care, and brought them up to the house. Later it was "drizzling" and they went to roost on top of the Eglu!!

I figured it was just the heat making them roost on top of the Eglue. . .but even on a wet "cooler" night they opt to roost up top! The inside of the Eglu has had NO poo for a couple of weeks now though. . .


Just eggs.


Does that have anything to do with it??? They stopped sleeping in the Eglu at night about the time Clarisse started laying. . .maybe just a coincidence.

Clarisse is now laying around 8:30am. . .I actually saw one drop the other day. ;-)

Rosemary, who is a week older than Clarisse, is still not laying. Really if she doesn't lay at all that would be fine . . .it's just interesting. Nature is interesting. When you watch their natural habits and the fact that they lay so consistently. . .it's sort of freaky how specific they can be.

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