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I'm banned from anywhere that stocks animals .....

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.... by my husband!


Went to the rescue place to look for a boyfriend for Bibble - didn't like the place - you were stood on the doorstep - they slammed the gate in your face & brought out a single bunny for you to look at. He also didn't look too well.


Came home via P@H to get some rabbit food. Cut very long story short - they now have a small adoption area. I didn't know this. They were clipping a rabbit's nails & I went to ask them some questions. I stroked 'it' and it felt like velvet. I offered to hold 'it'. It was a girl. A beautiful Rex. 2 years old. She had been dumped on them because she couldn't breed :evil: . They had to go and do something and 20 minutes later I was still holding this rabbit, by which point we had an inseparable bond :roll: Andy said no way - we were getting a boy - they did so happen to have a boy. He made me put her back. (big tears on my part :oops: particularly as kids were banging on her glass etc - I hate that place). I was allowed the boy. He is called Smudge and is a beauty. I get him tomorrow as he is in quarantine - standard practice for 3 days apparently. He was dumped on them because they got 'bored' :evil: . He is a year old

The thing is - Andy eventually relented - and the Rex came home with me that day - Sunday :D She is indoors at the mo until she has her jabs (disappointed they didn't do those) and is spayed. That is booked in for the 9th - as is Smudge.

Andy is thrilled we have her now - I caught him cooing to her last night :lol: I just have to find her a name now - she does have one - but get this - it is Orla - the same as my chook, so she will be rechristened to go with her new life. We think she has been badly treated. P@H kept her in quarantine for a month in case she had babies. Now she has a forever home, as does Smudge.


So I guess now you see why I am banned from anywhere that has animals :oops: If she had been at a proper rescue place I would have walked away (honest! :liar: ) but I couldn't leave her there having her glass banged etc


Photos will of course follow!



PS - sorry - not as short as I thought!

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Well done Claire for giving two bunnies a new home and lovely life :) I could'nt go to anywhere with bunnies without wanting one, but I have two and they get on so well, I would'nt want to upset things. But I would always get a rescue bunny any day, rabbits are the most cruely treated animal, it makes my blood boil :twisted: but I think now the message is getting through that they are not the best pet for very young children. Can't wait to see photos :D

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